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UTSA Neurosciences Institute

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UTSA Fall 2016 Neurobiology Lecture Series

Presented by the Department of Biology and the UTSA Neurosciences Institute.

Seminars will be held in BSB 3.03.02 at 12pm.  Parking available in Ximenes Ave Garage, adjacent to the BSB, map here.

Lecture Series

August 25, 2016

Jim Lechleiter PhD

“A Novel Approach to the Treatment of Brain Injury: Stimulating Astrocytes”


Host: Gary Gaufo

September 1, 2016

Takaki Komiyama PhD

“Imaging neural ensembles in mice during learning”


Host: Alfonso Apicella

September 8, 2016

Hye Young Lee PhD

“The contribution of Kv4.2 potassium channel dysregulation to the behavioral phenotypes of a mouse model of FXS”


Host: Todd Troyer

September 15, 2016

William Cooke PhD

“Humans under pressure: Studies of autonomic cardiovascular control with applications to traumatic injury”


Host: Charles Wilson

September 22, 2016

Susan Patterson PhD

“Immune dysregulation and cognitive vulnerability in the aging brain: Interactions of microglia, IL-1β, BDNF and synaptic plasticity— or to put it a little differently: Why are old brains more vulnerable to bad stuff?”

Temple University

Host: Isabel Muzzio

Septemeber 29, 2016

Martin Paukert MD

"Impairment of astroglia calcium activation by ethanol and consequences for local neurons"


Host: Carlos Paladini

October 6, 2016

Yoland Smith PhD

"Pathophysiology of the Thalamostriatal System in Parkinson's Disease: Its Potential Impact Upon Cognitive Dysfunctions”

Emory University

Host: Charles Wilson

October 13, 2016

Neurosciences Institute Symposium

Dopamine and Motivated Behavior, featuring Matt Wanat (UTSA), Patricia Janak (Johns Hopkins),  Josh Berke (UCSF), Stan Floresco (UBC), and Nao Uchida (Harvard)

October 20, 2016

Claire Stelly PhD

'A single stress exposure impairs Pavlovian conditioned responding and alters cue-evoked phasic dopamine release.’


Host: Matt Wanat

October 27, 2016

Arthur Riegel PhD

“The stress regulation of mesocorticolimbic circuitry””

Medical College of S Carolina

Host: Matt Wanat

November 3, 2016

Geoffrey Schoenbaum  PhD

“The Dopamine Prediction Error: It's not what you think it is”


Host: Kiran Lakhani (PhD student)

November 10, 2016


December 1, 2016

David Weinshenker PhD

“Consequences of locus coeruleus pathology in neurodegenerative disease."

Emory University

Host: Alyssa Petko (PhD Student)